Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism

Undergraduate journalism students develop critical thinking skills and the abilities to gather, analyze, and organize information and to communicate this information clearly and responsibly across multiple media platforms. Our curriculum embraces the social, cultural, and historic contexts of reporting on public and social institutions as well as on individuals and groups. We stress the importance of a free and responsible news media for the maintenance of an informed citizenry and rights to self-governance in a democracy.

Our program is professional in its orientation, and students are encouraged to work for campus media such as Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi or KTUH-FM news and to participate in an extensive program of professional internships.

Declaring a Major

Admission to the major is open to all students who have been admitted to UH Mānoa.

Advising and Graduation

Students should see a faculty advisor when declaring journalism as their major and we recommend advising for all students taking courses or majoring in journalism. For advising, contact For guidance on graduation requirements, visit a College of Social Sciences ACCESS Advisor in Dean Hall room 2.