Hanae Kramer, Faculty, School of Communications, UH Mānoa

Hanae Kramer

Associate Professor
Office: Crawford 330
Telephone: 1 (808) 956-3780
Email: hanae@hawaii.edu


I am a Japanese national from Okinawa. In 1993, I first arrived at the University of Hawaiʻi as an international student. Originally pursuing a degree in linguistics, my enthusiasm for this field waned when I realized how early in the morning the professors held classes. My interests shifted to the afternoon classes of the Communication Department.


  • PhD, Communication and Information Sciences, UH Mānoa, 2010
  • MA, Communication, UH Mānoa, 2001
  • BA, Speech, UH Hilo, 1998


My teaching interests lie in intercultural communication and cross-cultural training. I have written on the Bonin Islands, East Asian cinema, Japanese suicide bombers, occupied Manchuria, an episode in the Hawaiian diaspora, a Japanese postwar literary genre called Hikiage, and a Russian-born German propagandist named Klaus Mehnert who was a popular University of Hawaiʻi professor before the outbreak of WWII. Over the years, I have collected more than 7,000 Japanese SP records. The bulk of these audio recordings are from the 1940s and earlier. The collection covers a broad spectrum of genres. My intention is to preserve and study these fragile cultural artifacts.