Communication MA Requirements

In our MA program, students assume primary responsibility for their progress. Students are expected to:

  • Understand the program requirements.
  • Make timely progress through the various stages of the program.
  • Assume responsibility for the timely completion and submission of the required progress forms.

Students are also expected to familiarize themselves with the requirements Graduate Division and the University of Hawaiʻi as described in the University Catalog and on the Graduate Division website.

MA Course Requirements

The MA in communication requires 33 credit hours with at least a 3.0 grade point average including:

I. Foundation Courses (6 credit hours, each passed with a B or higher)

  • COM 611: Communication Theories (3)
  • COM 612: Communication Inquiry (3)

II. Core Courses (6 credit hours)

Students must complete at least two core courses from our areas of specialization: organizational and intercultural communication, telecommunication and new media, and global communication and journalism.

Organizational and Intercultural Communication

  • COM 623: Strategic Organizational Communication (3)
  • COM 643: Intercultural Communication (3)

Telecommunication and New Media

  • COM 633: Information and Communication Technologies (3)
  • COM 634: Social Media (3)

Global Communication and Journalism

  • COM 644: Global Communication and Journalism (3)
  • COM 645: Digital Storytelling (3)

III. Communications Seminar (3 credit hours)

  • COM 691: Communication Topics (3) (repeatable for different topics, up to six credits)

IV. Program Electives (12 credit hours)

These credits can be earned from any combination of the following:

  • Additional core courses or seminars
  • COM 646: Intervention in Multicultural Organizations (3)
  • COM 660: ICT Policy and Planning (3)
  • COM 692: Communication Research Seminar (3)
  • COM 699: Directed Reading and Research (V)
  • COM 695: Communication Practicum (V) (repeatable up to six credits)
  • Courses from the Telecommunication and Information Resource Management (TIRM) certificate program: COM 680, 681, 682, 683, 684
  • 400-level augmented undergraduate courses (maximum 6 credits, requires the approval of committee chair)
  • Graduate courses outside the program (maximum 6 credits, requires the approval of committee chair)

V. Capstone Activity (6 credit hours)

  • For Plan A students: COM 700: Thesis (V) (repeatable up to six credits)
  • For Plan B students: COM 695: Communication Practicum (V) (repeatable up to six credits)

Student Learning Outcomes

Students earning a Communication MA will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate subject mastery in areas of communication relevant to personal research interests.
  2. Identify research questions on a contemporary issue in communication, and perform a critical, written analysis of the relevant literature.
  3. Develop specific research questions related to personal research interests.
  4. Identify an appropriate, empirical methodology (or media approach) to address the selected research problem.
  5. Demonstrate mastery of the methodology and techniques specific to the field of study. Analyze and interpret research data.
  6. Present and discuss, in written form, the findings and relevance of the research project to the field of communication and to broader society.
  7. Present, discuss, and defend the findings and relevance of the research project to the field of communication in an oral defense.