Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication

The Communication major emphasizes both critical and applied skills. Students complete four foundation courses that provide a breadth of understanding of the field of Communication. Students then take electives across three areas of specialization to deepen their understanding in one or more subfields. The program culminates with a senior capstone project where students follow their personal interest to conduct original research, launch a persuasive campaign, or design a creative project.

Our program offers three focus areas:

  1. Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and Policy
  2. Communication in Communities
  3. Media Arts

Declaring a Major

Students who wish to declare a major in communication must:

  • Be enrolled in, or have completed with at least a B (not B-), COM 201: Introduction to Communication.
  • Have completed at least 12 university/college credit hours.
  • Have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA.

Required Foundation courses (COM 310, 320, and 330) may be taken concurrently with COM 201.

Upon declaration of the major, students are assigned a personal faculty advisor to assist them in their progress through the program. Students are responsible for meeting the prerequisite requirements for at least one of the capstone courses in order to graduate in a timely manner.

Students must earn a B (3.0) or better in COM 201 and C (2.0) or better in every other course counting toward the communication major degree requirements.