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Welcome to the School of Communications at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. We offer undergraduate and graduate study with two BA programs (Communication and Journalism), one MA program (Communication), an interdisciplinary PhD program, and a graduate certificate. We strive for excellence in all areas of teaching, research, and practice while embracing the contemporary challenges of complex and multicultural contexts involving communication and journalism.

Communication focuses on communication in intercultural and professional communities, information and communication technologies (ICTs) and policy, and the media arts. Journalism is professionally oriented and develops students’ critical thinking skills and ability to gather, analyze, and organize information, and to communicate it clearly and responsibly through print, broadcast, and online media.

Online ticket sales have begun for #HIFF38 General Admission at! Box Office will be open this week Thurs, Fri, Sat, from 2 - 6pm. Here is a screen-cap from our opening night film Shadow (dir. Zhang Yimou). Full trailer can be found on our FB page!

Just in case you have the need to refer to a number of one-eyed mythological creatures (or Scott Summers in the Multiverse).

How Do You Pluralize 'Cyclops'?

The Romance languages gave us 'cyclopes,' and we accepted.

"For many U.S. critics, journalism — and the journalistic trade — is all too often seen as elitist, left-leaning, out of touch with non-coastal audiences, and frequently the preserve of white, educated males."


Lessons learned: Seven ways news outlets can rebuild trust and sustainability

For many U.S. critics, journalism — and the journalistic trade — is all too often seen as elitist, left-leaning, out of touch with non-coastal aud...

Easy Wins for Accessibility:
1) Write good HTML
2) Navigate with the keyboard
3) Don't use outline
4) Don't rely on color alone
5) Try a screen reader
6) Use tools, read docs - audit tools, usability testing
- Melanie Mazanec @code4asheville
#BrigadeCongress #WebAccessibility

How do young adults really think about and consume news? A new report from Project Information Literacy challenges stereotypes and sheds light on what the future of news might look like. Report researcher @wihbey shares findings: , via @NiemanReports

“It Is Really Hard to Know What is Real”

A new report from Project Information Literacy offers insights about engaging younger consumers with the news

Only a few days left to record your Mahalo Message. Sign up now.

Through our network started in Inuvik we are also helping to connect tech startups like @RayWellness with @WeMatterOrg leveraging the Internet to build community. @OfficialKenS @nalukai

Jane Coffin on Twitter

“@Bytemarks @internetsociety @ISOC_NA @mrrdesign @mebuell From Hawaii to Inuvik and Over to the SoCal tribal communities It was pretty amazing t...

#tbt Aerial view of UH Mānoa circa 1926. #uhmlibrary #uhmanoa #aerialphoto

Happy Birthday, Princess Kaʻiulani!

Studio portrait of Princess Victoria Kaʻiulani of Hawaiʻi photographed in San Francisco, 1889. Inscribed "V. Kaiulani" on the front of the photo. Photo by Taber, San Francisco; Bishop Museum Archives (SP 44750).

Please join SoCOM's Assistant Professor Scott E. Schimmel for a screening and discussion of his film My Garden, No Longer at 6PM this Saturday, October 20th at the Hawaii Filmmakers Collective.

Have questions about the application process, or UHM in general? DM us or comment below and next week Tuesday we'll be answering any ?’s sent in on our story!
#ASKUS #uhmanoa #makemanoayours

Happy #DictionaryDay! In honor of birthday boy Noah Webster, we’re going to take on a probably large, probably ill-advised endeavor.


For every one (1) like of this post, we’ll give you one (1) obscure, unusual, or just fairly interesting word.

Millennials in America are more likely to have visited a public library in the past year than any other adult generation.

Public library use in U.S. highest among Millennials

About half of U.S. Millennials have visited a public library or bookmobile in the past year.

"Journalism is not The New York Times, or BuzzFeed, or the Miami Herald. When you strip everything down to its essential function, journalism is a system for collecting, synthesizing, verifying and distributing news. Everything else is just form."

“The cure lies within us, if we have the will and the imagination to develop it”

"Because journalism is not The New York Times, or BuzzFeed, or the Miami Herald. When you strip everything down to its essential function, journalism ...

Is the plethora of specialized content via streaming services a good thing for storytelling, or a bad thing for our communal cultural? Two media studies professors weigh in.

You're About to Drown in Streaming Subscriptions

The streaming space gets more crowded every day. But at what cost?

It’s hardly a secret that #newsdeserts are spreading, but just how bad is it?

From the findings @UNCMJschool: About 20% of all metro & community newspapers in the United States — ~1,800 — have gone out of business or merged since 2004. @businessofnews

National maps from the University of North Carolina’s new searchable database locate News Deserts, Closures and Mergers of Newspapers, and News Deserts Overlaid with Food Deserts.The database is open to all at

About 1,300 U.S. communities have totally lost news coverage, UNC news desert study finds

About 20 percent of all metro and community newspapers in the United States — about 1,800 — have gone out of business or merged since 2004, when a...

Panel on Building a Cadre of Allies to Advocate for Connectivity. Great info on building a voice for native and indigenous communities to co-create technology and innovation. #Indigenet2018 @internetsociety @ISOC_NA @OpenMediaOrg @NextCentCit

Mark Hansen (@cocteau) wanted to teach people about climate change and journalism so he partnered with chef @AliceWaters "... to create an experiential event that would show how food could be a backdrop for conversations about climate change." @cjr

To teach people about climate change, feed them journalism

There’s a story behind every ingredient that goes into our meals—each plant or animal we consume carries the weight of the place where it was ...

Happy #DayoftheGirl👩‍💻 
Invest in the power of #GirlsinICT and their #DigitalSkills to build better lives for everyone

Submarine fiber optic cable by Quintillion in the far north is a key piece of infrastructure to ensure broadband to indigenous communities. #indigenet2018 @internetsociety @ISOC_NA

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