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Welcome to the School of Communications at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. We offer undergraduate and graduate study with two BA programs (Communication and Journalism), one MA program (Communication), an interdisciplinary PhD program, and a graduate certificate. We strive for excellence in all areas of teaching, research, and practice while embracing the contemporary challenges of complex and multicultural contexts involving communication and journalism.

Communication focuses on communication in intercultural and professional communities, information and communication technologies (ICTs) and policy, and the media arts. Journalism is professionally oriented and develops students’ critical thinking skills and ability to gather, analyze, and organize information, and to communicate it clearly and responsibly through print, broadcast, and online media.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Three Examples from the Field of AR and VR in #HigherEd Teaching and Research - @bananarota (@MIT) in @EDUCAUSEreview (@EDUCAUSE) RT @DCBPhDV2 @kdow_it #edtech

Companies and institutions from the entertainment, media and tech industry are uniting to transform technologies in the motion picture industry with the formation of @AcademySWF! Learn more: #WeAreASWF #opensource #vfx #animation

Installed today. ⬇️ TBH I never thought you could love a door, but I’m definitely in love. 🚪 ❤️

What are the legal implications of sharing images on Instagram? 📸 H Bosher from @Bruneluni investigates #copyrightlaw and #socialmedia: @Routledge_MandC @basu_subhajit

If you missed going out and photographing the #KingTide today you can still go out tomorrow, Aug 10. Your images and data are a significant contribution to community efforts to understand and adapt to rising seas. @HawaiiSeaGrant #kingtides

Payment deadline for class registration is 4PM on Friday Aug 10. Unpaid registrations will be purged starting 4:01PM.

@HawaiiSeaGrant Needs your help to document #KingTides today and tomorrow! @Hawaii_EMA

There "is something just viscerally more invasive about injecting technology into your body without your choice, but the problems are there whether it’s injected or whether it’s an ankle monitor,” says EFF Criminal Defense Staff Attorney Stephanie Lacambra

Ohio Council Member Wants to Implant Microchips in People Awaiting Trial

Taking electronic monitoring to the next level.

⏱️ #ManoaMinute: Learn more about College Hill - #ExploreUHM

A common misconception when it comes to hurricanes is that the wind is the most dangerous aspect of the storm. In reality, salt water pushed inland causes the most casualties. Find out more and how #CallforCode can save lives:

📣 Calling all recent @uhmanoa grads! Love cheering on the ‘Bows? Check out the all new Young Alumni All-Sports Pass - #GoBows #MadeAtManoa

The Cronkite School is seeking an executive editor to lead its new Howard Center for Investigative Journalism. Details at

"You have no idea how valuable information you can trust is until you are in a place that has none of it." – @abennett


Covering the news in a real authoritarian country

The mid-interview arrest of a critical academic is illustrative

An introduction to the registration system.

Star Scholarships

STAR: a guided pathway

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Comm scholars analyzed nearly 200,000 tweets about e-cigarettes, and found that 70% were from bots, and most carried a positive message about vaping. How can this research influence #healthcomm interventions?

Army of internet 'bots are spreading positive messages about e-cigs, study finds

A US team of researchers has looked at social media accounts spreading misinformation about vaping

⁦@chancetherapper⁩ at #NABJ18 investigating journalism and reporting methods to serve community @NABJ⁩ Chance, we’d love to hear your ideas ⁦@knightfdn⁩

HURRICANE HECTOR: Public urged to prepare over weekend. For more info visit #preparedness #hurricane #areyouready @Oahu_DEM @Maui_EMA @CivilDefenseHI

See u tmrw at People to the Polls, Oahu friends!

"Our democracy relies on an informed citizenry... Information is what keeps us free from tyranny." — Nancy Conway. #FreePressFriday

DPS offers a variety of safety workshops & training sessions including Active Shooter Awareness & Response, Safety & Wellness, and Hurricane Preparedness Training. Start your school year off right and sign up today!

📍 @ManoaAdmissions will be doing a live campus tour tomorrow on their IG (@manoa_admissions) story. Join them at 11:30am HST! #MakeManoaYours #ExploreUHM

Via their museum technology track, @NEWINC is building a fantastic group of creative entrepreneurs using tech to serve museum audiences. I am proud that @knightfdn is supporting these efforts as part of our arts and technology work.


New cohort of arts tech innovators announced

"The volume of bad news drives the public to 'collapse into a compassion fatigue stupor'" writes @egabbert. With @PositiveNewsUK and #constructivejournalism, I'm proud to be working on an alternative: informing people but inspiring them too

Is compassion fatigue inevitable in an age of 24-hour news?

The long read: We have never been more aware of the appalling events that occur around the world every day. But in the face of so much horror, is ther...

"We @knightfdn believe that democracy requires informed and engaged communities. Our response to the digitization of our lives and our communities is not to shirk that responsibility, but to ask head on how democracy can and will thrive in a digital age."

How can democracy thrive in the digital age? – Informed and Engaged – Medium

Our response to the digitization of our lives and our communities is to ask, head on, how democracy can thrive in a digital age.

Today's @Google Doodle honors Gerda Taro, widely considered the first female photojournalist to cover a war, and the first to die in action. Taro is among the more than 2,000 journalists on the Newseum's Journalists Memorial. Learn more about her:

How has Honolulu changed over the last 50+ years? Check out these maps of the city from 1950 to find out. Found in a report in the Hawaiian collection and digitized by MAGIS, they tell the evolving story of the city.

Imagine exploring a museum virtually using only your voice and @amazon Alexa. Media technology company @alleyco, with support from Knight, is making this idea a reality. Learn more: @cooperhewitt #artstech

Educators: Here are a few suggestions on how you can incorporate information literacy into your courses this fall. #fakenews #highered

How to Teach Information Literacy in an Era of Lies

Whatever your discipline, you should also be teaching students how to understand, assess, evaluate, and apply information.

Pro tip #12 - Grid lines should be only used if they make it easier to read your data. Play around with vertical and horizontal gridlines until you feel like your chart is clear and concise. More great #dataviz tips here:

The final full standings for the TPP at #PGI2018:

1st - @Gen_G_esports Gold
2nd - @TeamLiquid
3rd - @WTSGxoxo

GGWP! #PGIBerlin

June 8, 1955: UH President Gregg Sinclair overlooking construction at the new library that would come to bear his name. #ThrowbackThursday #sinclairlibrary

The @BrownInstitute at @columbiajourn is hiring! We are looking for a fellow to report and write on our activities, participate in their design, report on areas related to tech and story -- contributing to a new vertical @CJR. Join us!

"Civic Organizations in the Age of Distrust" - Special issue of open access journal Media and Communication. Abstracts are due September 15. Great forum to address how media and tech can effectively build trust in communities. @CogitatioMaC #civicmedia

👀 @oha_hawaii's $1M award creates scholarships for #NativeHawaiian #UHohana students - The Hoʻonaʻauao Higher Education Scholarship program is expected to support approximately 200 students each year. Mahalo! Learn more here:

"Historians are detectives and storytellers. No story ever comes in whole cloth...When done well, “history” and its meaning appears as if it were there all along" via @cjr

How #AI + #MachineLearning can help detect, predict and prevent diseases #ICT4SDG #AIforGood

10 pieces of advice for graduate students who plan to start looking for an academic job this year (opinion)

The PRSSA National Podcast Series, ‘PR With The Pros’ is now available for no cost on iTunes. Listen to #PR professionals and students discuss insight about the field, career advice and the Society. #PRSSA

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We're hiring for several full time research positions based in NYC, for a fall 2018 start. Apply by 8/15:
Research Director -
Senior Research Scholar, Local News -
Senior Research Scholar, Digital Media -

Hurricane preparedness tip. Talk with family members and develop a clear understanding what you will do if a hurricane or tropical storm threatens. Prepare an action plan that includes details such as whether your family plans to shelter in place or evacuate.

A guide to anti-misinformation actions around the world

No coding experience is necessary to use @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h, a free data visualization tool designed for newsrooms. Learn how to use the tool and customize templates to show the stories that matter most during our quick 7 minute training -->

Check out the awesome lineup for our upcoming Centennial (1918-2018) Ho'olaule'a! #lyon100 #lyonarboretum

Applications now open for the @ITU 🌎#Accessibility Award 2018!
Propose a mobile app solution to benefit people with disabilities

Thanks to citizen advocates, #Hawaii will have Election Day Registration available for the first time statewide in 2018. So no excuse, go use it, go #vote.

Common Cause on Twitter

“This is why same day voter registration or Election Day registration (allowing eligible citizens to register to vote on Election Day and/or dur...

HIFF eNews: #IHeartHIFF celebrates the HIFF Ohana in August / RSVP for Advance Sneak Peek of THE MEG / Enter to win 2 tickets to Advance Sneak Peek of CRAZY RICH ASIANS / HIFF is Hiring / HIFF38 Call-For-Entries Deadline Extended to July 27

📚 $1.125 million gift to @UHMLibrary to support world, renowned collections -

Online databases such as @womenalsoknowstuff are attempting to rectify their lack of female experts on a variety of topics. Comm Prof Tammy Vigil’s media requests have shot up since being added to the list.

Extra! Extra! More Women Profs Will Be Quoted by Media!

BU women scholars are included on websites that list female experts in various disciplines in an effort to increase women who are quoted in the media ...

Today's the day! #DKIInstitute host our 4th annual lecture series on," Restoring the #AmericanDream." Tune in to our live stream at 12:30 pm HST, 6:30 pm ET.

⏱️ #ManoaMinute: Lei and its significance -

🗞️ UH News: 🏎️ UH racing team, 🍺🍞 state’s first #culinology student, 🔭 unraveling cosmic mystery and more -

Level up your career at #EIJ18 in Baltimore! Attend sessions like “Google News Initiative: Trust & Misinformation | Safety & Security.” @nickdigital will offer advice on how to use Google tools to stop the spread of misinformation.

Where would the smartphone be without glass? Now glass may change the way you interact with data again — in everything from head-up displays on car windshields to augmented-reality glasses.

Glass Has Ancient Origins But A High-Tech Future

Where would the smartphone be without glass? Now glass may change the way you interact with data again — in everything from head-up displays on car ...

Since the eruption of Kilauea, 'laze' (as in "lava haze," not "to idle") has seen a considerable spike in use.

Words We're Watching: 'Laze'

Not just lying around

The Google News algorithm that ranks content can make some truly strange decisions. What set of signals is it looking for?

On a big story like the Helsinki Trump/Putin summit, it didn't seem to be up to the task

On a big story like the Helsinki Trump/Putin summit, Google News’ algorithm isn’t up to the task

The algorithm that ranks content can make some truly strange decisions. What set of signals is Google News looking for?

In this election time, it is crucial to use digital tools to verify information and visualize data. Don't miss the workshop on Google Tools for Journalists with @latinointx at #NAHJ2018 @spj_tweets @GoogleNewsInit

One school's approach to address the search for #emotionalintelligence, #empathy and #respect in a student body – via @insidehighered.