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Welcome to the School of Communications at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. We offer undergraduate and graduate study with two BA programs (Communication and Journalism), one MA program (Communication), an interdisciplinary PhD program, and a graduate certificate. We strive for excellence in all areas of teaching, research, and practice while embracing the contemporary challenges of complex and multicultural contexts involving communication and journalism.

Communication focuses on communication in intercultural and professional communities, information and communication technologies (ICTs) and policy, and the media arts. Journalism is professionally oriented and develops students’ critical thinking skills and ability to gather, analyze, and organize information, and to communicate it clearly and responsibly through print, broadcast, and online media.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Did... @UFJSchool grad student @Ashleigh_K_W just manage to make ethics fun? Read her awesome The Office-themed post for #PRSSA Ethics Month here:

Social media may be perfect for modern studying parasocial interaction. Comm Prof Arienne Ferchaud says social media “blurs the line between creator and viewer [in a way] that hasn’t been possible before.”

YouTubers are not your friends

A concept created over 60 years ago explains our attachment to online celebrities

You #PRpros know video is becoming key...see easy ways to making your own on Oct. 7 at "When to Use Videos—& Learn How to Make Them Yourself," a PRSA Pre-Conference Seminar in Austin, Texas. Jason Maderer will explain how to shoot & edit video on a phone.

As @WIRED celebrates 25yrs in #Tech, they're asking icon's who will shape the next 25yrs. We completely agree with @Microsoft CEO @satyanadella's pick of Chief #Accessibility Officer & Disability:IN board member, @jennylayfluffy!
Congrats 👏👏👏 #WIRED25

How to Design Tech So Nobody's Left Behind

With mindful design, companies can better serve customers—and employees—with disabilities.

Members of Congress are lobbying to add drone legislation to a funding bill that will give new surveillance powers to the Trump administration to spy on journalists, activists, and other Americans without a warrant.

Congress Is Poised to Give Trump Administration Powerful New Spying Powers

The Trump administration wants more spying power — and Congress appears poised to give it to them. Touting national security to justify spying power...

The Immersive Journalism Festival at #ONA18 was so fun! So awesome to see projects @Journalism_360 funded and the #OJA18 finalists.

This week, two California jurisdictions joined the growing movement to subject government surveillance technology to democratic transparency and civilian control.

More Bay Area Jurisdictions Adopt Civilian Control of Police Spy Tech

This week, two California jurisdictions joined the growing movement to subject government surveillance technology to democratic transparency and civil...

✍️ The Women’s Campus Club welcomes applications for special funding - Proposals may be submitted by departments, organizations, programs, or by individuals associated with any of these on any of the #UHohana campuses. Applications due by 11/2. More:

As data becomes increasingly ubiquitous, companies are desperately searching for talent with data skills. See why data storytelling is an essential skill to have.

Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill Everyone Needs

Data visualization expert Stephen Few said, “Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice...

Artificial intelligence has a wide-ranging impact, and we need more voices to make sure it serves the public good. Submit your ideas to the new #aiethics challenge. #ONA18

Requesting public records in #Hawaii? Pro tip: Use You can see past and pending requests, and can avoid repetition. Created by our friends at @CodeforHawaii and Civil Beat Law Center for the Public Interest. Mahalo guys!

Bridging the #DigitalDivide is a multi-faceted issue that requires a multi-stakeholder approach. Governments, the private sector, academia + civil society need to join forces to stimulate ICT infrastructure development

Comm Prof Noshir Contractor: People “don’t value what #socialscience can do.” Here, he talks with a Microsoft researcher about how social scientists can help solve global problems.

How Can Social Science Become More Solutions-Oriented?

A conversation between researchers at Kellogg and Microsoft explores how behavioral science can best be applied.

Although the #DigitalDivide between rural & non-rural Americans has narrowed over time, around 40% of rural adults say they don't have high-speed internet at home @FactTank

Capitalize "hurricane" when part of the name that weather forecasters assign: Hurricane Florence. Use "it" in pronoun references. If the context is clear, it's OK to use just the name on first reference: Florence rapidly intensified into a fearsome Category 3 hurricane Monday.

Next week, the EU Parliament will vote to make a vast array of technical changes to EU copyright law. Two of them—#Article11 and #Article13—represent a grave danger to the Internet.

Why the Whole World Should Be Up in Arms About the EU's Looming Internet Catastrophe

In exactly one week, the European Parliament will hold a crucial debate and vote on a proposal so terrible, it can only be called an extinction-level ...

Many Americans believe that when it comes to the news, much of what they read is biased — a majority can’t name a trusthworthy news source. #knightcomm

Fairness #EthicsMonth #PReparedPRoactivePRoud

Looking for Hawaii statistics? Check out the 2017 edition of the State of Hawaii Data Book, Available online, it's the most comprehensive statistical source about Hawaii, with more than 800 data tables classified in 24 sections.

Join us in Hamilton 301 today at 3:00 for a lecture on the Japanese diaspora in Hawai'i and the Pacific. Check out the flyer for speakers and topics for the two-day seminar: Pineapple Growers, Women Pioneers, and Imperial Adventurers. #UHMlibrary

⌛ #ThrowbackThursday: A few shots of @KTUH_FM from February, 1978. #FacesOfManoa

Public information officers: Who they are, why they’re sometimes a problem for journalists and the public, and what we’re doing about it.

Public information officers - Society of Professional Journalists

Who they are, why they're a problem for journalists and the public, and what we're doing about it.

Five states are getting help to redesign their systems in what could become a national model for eligibility systems modernization, a consortium partnering with the states announced on Tuesday. @codeforamerica @NavaPBC

UPDATE: All #Oahu and #Kauai #UHohana campuses to close on Thursday due to #HurricaneLane -

“They told me they didn’t want to negotiate their salaries because they felt so grateful, so lucky to find a position in a prestigious newsroom"

Women and minorities are paid the least in newsrooms: report

A new report says that some of the biggest newsrooms in the country are paying women and minority staffers significantly less than their male and whit...

🎉 Join us for #WelinaManoa happening today at 3:30pm at Campus Center, Legacy Path, and Kuykendall Lawn! 👀 Watch the recap video from last year #MakeManoaYours

Residents and visitors urged to track Hurricane Lane as storm approaches Hawai‘i @MayorKirkHNL @Hawaii_EMA @HawaiiRedCross

🚫🚬 A new law signed on July 10 makes all #UHohana campuses and properties tobacco and #smokefree locations. UH joins more than 2,000 universities and colleges across the country in creating healthier environments. Learn more here:

All UH campuses will be closed tomorrow in observance of #StatehoodDay!

Thanks to @KHONnews for digging deeper into #VoteByMail. Trends are clear that voters prefer the convenience. We'll keep pushing reforms to increase #AccessToThePolls. #GoodGovtHI #AlwaysInvestigating

Early-voting trends weigh on future of all-mail ballots

Saturday's primary election saw the third-lowest turnout ever in Hawaii, but one bright spot is an ever-growing number of people doing their civic dut...

EFF stands with the 300+ publications defending a free press today.

Efforts to delegitimize the press undermine democracy, and we condemn them in the strongest possible terms.

Read the statement we signed onto last year in support of a free press, along with 80+ organizations:

Yesterday, hundreds of newspapers across the country issued editorials calling for readers to remember the value of a free press and reminding them that journalists are not the “enemy of the people.” Here’s the @nytimes editorial:

Opinion | A Free Press Needs You

Don’t just take it from us. Scores of publications from around the country are raising their voices.

HIFFeNews: HI College Student Filmmaker? Submit your short to HIFF38 / Enter the DKII Short Film Initiative / Student Showcase Deadline Extended / Intern at HIFF!

Three Examples from the Field of AR and VR in #HigherEd Teaching and Research - @bananarota (@MIT) in @EDUCAUSEreview (@EDUCAUSE) RT @DCBPhDV2 @kdow_it #edtech

Companies and institutions from the entertainment, media and tech industry are uniting to transform technologies in the motion picture industry with the formation of @AcademySWF! Learn more: #WeAreASWF #opensource #vfx #animation

Installed today. ⬇️ TBH I never thought you could love a door, but I’m definitely in love. 🚪 ❤️

What are the legal implications of sharing images on Instagram? 📸 H Bosher from @Bruneluni investigates #copyrightlaw and #socialmedia: @Routledge_MandC @basu_subhajit

If you missed going out and photographing the #KingTide today you can still go out tomorrow, Aug 10. Your images and data are a significant contribution to community efforts to understand and adapt to rising seas. @HawaiiSeaGrant #kingtides

Payment deadline for class registration is 4PM on Friday Aug 10. Unpaid registrations will be purged starting 4:01PM.

@HawaiiSeaGrant Needs your help to document #KingTides today and tomorrow! @Hawaii_EMA

There "is something just viscerally more invasive about injecting technology into your body without your choice, but the problems are there whether it’s injected or whether it’s an ankle monitor,” says EFF Criminal Defense Staff Attorney Stephanie Lacambra

Ohio Council Member Wants to Implant Microchips in People Awaiting Trial

Taking electronic monitoring to the next level.

⏱️ #ManoaMinute: Learn more about College Hill - #ExploreUHM

A common misconception when it comes to hurricanes is that the wind is the most dangerous aspect of the storm. In reality, salt water pushed inland causes the most casualties. Find out more and how #CallforCode can save lives:

📣 Calling all recent @uhmanoa grads! Love cheering on the ‘Bows? Check out the all new Young Alumni All-Sports Pass - #GoBows #MadeAtManoa

The Cronkite School is seeking an executive editor to lead its new Howard Center for Investigative Journalism. Details at

"You have no idea how valuable information you can trust is until you are in a place that has none of it." – @abennett


Covering the news in a real authoritarian country

The mid-interview arrest of a critical academic is illustrative

An introduction to the registration system.

Star Scholarships

STAR: a guided pathway

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Comm scholars analyzed nearly 200,000 tweets about e-cigarettes, and found that 70% were from bots, and most carried a positive message about vaping. How can this research influence #healthcomm interventions?

Army of internet 'bots are spreading positive messages about e-cigs, study finds

A US team of researchers has looked at social media accounts spreading misinformation about vaping

⁦@chancetherapper⁩ at #NABJ18 investigating journalism and reporting methods to serve community @NABJ⁩ Chance, we’d love to hear your ideas ⁦@knightfdn⁩